Dodge might still offer a high output ICE powertrain in the next Charger. It will ride on the STLA Larger Car Platform that a Dodge exec says "has the ability to run an ICE engine"
“We said that our next generation cars are built on the STLA Large Car Platform. The STLA Large Car Platform is a multi-energy platform. It has the ability to run an ICE engine,” said Kuniskis. “I can take the floor pan out. I can take the battery out. I can put a drive-shaft tunnel in there. The platform is made to be able to do that. It’s modular,” he explained.


Kuniskis demurred, though, noting that “I can put an ICE engine in it. It doesn’t mean we’re going to.” Dodge currently has no official plans to use the Hurricane in a muscle car application, and Kuniskis was very clear on that point. “We’re certainly not launching with anything like that. We’re launching full battery electric,” he added.