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Must Have / Nice to Have / Don't Want

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Thought it might be a good idea to start a thread of items that a top-spec eMuscle needs to have vs. stuff I have no interest in...chime in with your own!

Must Have
  • AWD with adjustable TC and ABS
  • Strong regen (prefer multiple levels via steering wheel paddles) - stronger than any Tesla
  • Fast charging (400V or higher, 15-80% in 20 minutes or less) and at least 300 mi of range per charge
  • HUD
  • Heated steering wheel and seats
  • Memory seats
  • Keyless entry
  • Heat pump / efficient AC and heat
  • Wireless charging for cell phones
  • Wireless Android Auto (or Apple CarPlay)
  • Hard buttons for climate control functions (no touch screen for that - sucks in Teslas, UConnect)
  • At least two displays (one in front of driver, one in center - none of the Tesla Model 3 crap)
  • An actual steering wheel (just keep using the HC unit - it's great)
  • Surround view camera
  • Onboard tire inflation and repair kit (in place of spare)
  • BLIS
  • Front and Rear ultrasonic parking
Nice to Have
  • Air suspension
  • 4WS
  • Adaptive cruise
  • Bitchin' stereo (if I have to pay extra for it, it better be top notch)
  • Rotary control for infotainment
  • Passenger display (like Taycan)
  • Panoramic roof with dimming / variable tint
  • User programmable IP functions (like Polestar)
Do Not Want
  • Autopilot / Level 3 or higher autonomy
  • Auto-park
  • Haptic controls (all of them suck)
  • Motorized door handles / electric door release (like Tesla Model S - so annoying)
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Agreed. I sold my Shaker and currently using my wife’s Mazda to get around until this comes out. Saving up for it but I hope all trim levels don’t price out the average Dodge buyer
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