Stellantis held a dealer meeting where they said the Dodge Stealth will return as a three-row SUV to replace the Durango. Notes from my attendance at the Stellantis Dealer Meeting in Vegas

I did this after the last meeting in 2015 too. Back then they told us we were getting a Barracuda and a Acadia type Chrysler so of course all of this can change

Rumors Confirmed
*Hemi is dead
*300 is dead
*Durango will be gone in a few years
*Cherokee is coming back (May be named something else)

*Recon EV
*Facelift on Grand Cherokees for MY 2025
*New grille Wrangler for 2024
*Grand Wagoneer 4XE
*Wagoneer S, 100% Electric
*Cherokee will be restyled looks like a smaller version of the GCL with a similar front end to the recon concept. Cherokee will be at comparable price point to the current model.
*24 MY Gladiator tow raised to 7700 lbs
*24 MY Gladiator Willy's will have 33" tires, high fenders and locking axle standard.
*Coming SOON Laredo X and altitude x 40% volume with a lower competitive price point
*Charger Daytona banshee to be sold in 2 Door and 4 Door config.
Will be offered with the Inline 6 SO, HO, and Full EV
AWD is standard and there will be drive modes and the option to turn off power to the front wheels so you can still do a burnout. Supposedly several modes including, "Power, Donut, and Drift"
*Hornet Internal Combustion and PHEV
GLH models to come “Goes Like Hell”
r/T Model will be fully electric eventually probably
*Durango will eventually die with the Dodge Stealth 3 row to replace it.
  • The Dodge presentation was awesome They described themselves as the "neck tattoo" of Stellantis. It may not make sense or be logical but you can't deny the dedication they have to their identity. It was actually a hilarious presentation by the Dodge Brand CEO.
*Airflow concept EV
*Chrysler X sedan hatchback EV (No name decided on yet)
*Pacifica facelift will come in the next few years
*New all electric REV 1500
REV XT with on board generator to extend range
Configurations include 350 miles of range, 500 miles of range, and even more with the XR.
Up to 14,000 lb. Tow capacity
*Tungsten trim- Higher trim than Limited
14+” screen, 10+” pass screen, massage seats
*REV MT mid-size concept EV
Sounded like the mid-size ram was going to be a reality