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It looks like Dodge has something special planned with the Daytona for the upcoming SEMA show! It sounds like it's either going to be a performance model and/or something that'll be more modified than the current concept car.

Via Mopar Insiders, Dodge chief Tim Kuniskis visited the hot seat on Autoline After Hours for an episode where he "Defends Dodge Going Electric." Early on, he explains that the automaker showed the concept so far ahead of launch because it believes hardcore enthusiasts are going to need "some soak time" to adjust to electrification. Seems that means we can expect the concept to evolve over the next couple of years, starting with a second version of the coupe at the upcoming SEMA show.

Kuniskis said, "We’re going to show a different version of this car at SEMA because we know it’s absolutely critical to our buyers. 50% of them modify their cars today."

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